A natural understanding

Traditional oak-bark ground-tanning is a process involving biodegradable tanning agents such as bark and fruit. This ecological tanning method results in an especially long lasting and dermatologically kind product.

Leather with the JR-Brand label is waterproof and extremely abrasion resistant, tough yet flexible, very comfortable to wear and optically distinguished by its attractive grain and warm, woody colour.

The charactaristic benefits of JR-quality with the brand label:

Manufacture specific:

Wearing comfort:

  • consistently durable
  • a smooth fibre structure that enables an accurate trim
  • a naturally elegant grain 
  • natural impermeability
  • specific light weight
  • inherent stability
  • extreme durability
  • absorbs sweat
  • active airing and antiperspirant properties


JR-Leather is completely biodegradable. It has been tested for harmful substances and certified according to the Medicinal Products Directive (MPG - Germany/Austria) and the ISO 9001.